No guts, no glory


No guts, no glory

A lot of people heard about it, a lot of people talk about it, but we’re doing it: SAP S/4HANA. Mid April Experis Ciber went live with the S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud. Not as a demo system, but as a productive system which we use to run our business. The Professional Services Cloud is an SAP product offering that supports our project based services with financial and project administration and timesheet registration for our consultants.

Leap of faith

After Experis Ciber was acquired by the Manpower Group, we started a carve out project to separate us from Ciber Inc. As part of this project we needed to select a new application landscape, which we decided should not just support our business, but should also be a showcase of our skills, expertise and innovative force. Implementing the S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud as our backend system seemed to fit right in, especially as we took a leap of faith, given the maturity of the product version we started out with (1608).

The choice we made was also based on the support SAP promised to us and delivered. As one of the guinea pigs for this solution, we were assigned an onboarding team that made sure all our issues and suggestions were discussed, picked up and solved by the SAP development teams. For our consultants, it was exciting to collaborate this close with SAP and to see that our knowledge and feedback helped shape the product. Looking back, it is incredible at what pace SAP developed the product to a state where we felt comfortable that it was mature enough to go live.

Grow as you go

Currently we are already reaping the benefits of S/4HANA compared to the SAP ECC application we came from. Most important due to the reporting capabilities that will help us to be more in control of our business. SAP has a three-month release schedule (‘grow as you go’) for their cloud products. The new functions and innovations that are on the roadmap for the next two releases contain a lot of improvements that we discussed and that will help us to further improve the efficiency of our back-office processes.

Learning experience

To me it feels like both SAP and Experis Ciber invested a lot in each other during the project. As an SAP partner this has been a unique chance to work with SAP and to gain early knowledge on their new platform and maybe even more important the changing role our consultants need to adapt to. Personally, I’ve been involved in our application landscape selection, architecture and integration. But if you’re interested in learning about the challenges we faced or the lessons we learned during our S/4HANA implementation, I’m happy to put you in touch with one of my colleagues. Please send an email to

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